Technical aspects

Technical aspects

Formaldehyde emission


Formaldehyde is an organic compound which belongs to the aldehydes family. It presents itself at room temperature as a colourless gas with a strong smell.

This compound is used within the production of several building materials and in furniture manufacture, in addition to also being produced in some natural processes; this is the reason why it is necessary to classify wood panels according to their formaldehyde emission, which follows a number of criteria formulated in the technical regulations of UNI EN 13986. The class of formaldehyde emission is assigned according to recurring checks of the product production.

In Italy it is forbidden to bring to the marketplace such panels or semifinished products that show a formaldehyde emission higher than the parameters set by Class E1.


Class E1


The parameter according to which a product is considered compliant to the norms is the Class E1; all products are measured according to methods that certify the affinity to such class: the room method, the perforation method and the method of the gas analysis. The permitted formaldehyde emission must be 0,124 mg/mc air or below (measured through the room method).

I.C.T.A. certifies and guarantees through periodic analysis that all our panels comply to Class E1.


Certifications and quality

Ask for products with FSC®; certification