The Società S. Alessandro S.S. is a company set up to lead agricultural businesses, whose enterprise consists primarily in poplar farming.

The business partners of the S. Alessandro company belong to the families owning I.C.T.A. S.r.l., which is a company dedicated to poplar processing and to the production of plywoods, already FSC®Chain of Custody certified. The Company has prepared a detailed Management Plan of the plantations, as well as supporting and registering paperwork which allows the company to continuously abide by the technical, administrative, legal, ecnonomical and environmental requisites set by the FSC.

ICILA has verified the compliance with the management of the S. Alessandro Plantation according to the FSC® Principles and Criteria, and has therefore granted the FSC®certification for good forest management.

The total area which was considered for the certification consisted of 257.47 hectares, covered by the "Plantation Management Plan" (“Piano di Gestione delle piantagioni”) put together by the S. Alessandro company and aimed to the certification, and also covered by the "Piano del Monumento Naturale Garzaia di S.Alessandro" approved by Regione Lombardia.

The land dedicated to the poplar farming have historically been dedicated to agriculture; these areas haven't therefore been subjected to any sort of deforestation, levelling, soil handling, drainage or bush-cutting.


Certifications and quality

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