Italian poplar

Raw Materials

Raw Materials

The poplar

The panels offered by I.C.T.A. have always been produced by using almost exclusively Italian poplar as raw material, coming from plantations located throughout the Po valley, where the culture of poplar agriculture has been well-established for a long time.

In order to guarantee an optimal and constant qualitative level of its products, I.C.T.A. has recently decided to increase considerably the acquisition of poplar plantations, constantly monitoring their growth in order to be able to manage directly all the phases of the production process, from the choice and maintenance of the tree, up until the finished panel.

Timbers exclusively come from planned and easily renewable plantations, which grant continuity to the woodlands. The advantage of planning poplar plantations is that it allows to limit the cutting of natural forests.




The characteristics and advantages of this wood essence and its plantations are countless. Among them, noteworthy is its ability to purify air by removing a high amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and giving the same amount back as oxygen. Another remarkable advantage of the poplar tree is its ability to distillate water from underground, and to return pure water particles back to the ground through transpiration. The above mentioned and so many other advantages show how the poplar tree favours the development of undeniable benefits for the landscape, the environment and the ecosystem.

We can therefore consider the poplar tree as a solid ally to the future development of our territory, in the pursuit of a growth of environmental sustainability.


Certifications and quality

Ask for products with FSC®; certification