ICTA quality


The categorisation of poplar plywood according to its surfaces refers to regulations UNI EN 635-1 and UNI EN 635-2.

The classes defined in the regulation are E, I, II, III e IV.

Each side of the panel is classified separately, and this allows to create different combinations.


CLASS E ( former class A as of regulation UNI 6471)

Surface is whitened with peroxide which can remain visible, the colour is perfectly white, complete absence of knots and all minimal defects are repaired.

CLASS I (former class AB)

Surface is whitened with peroxide, slight colour variations, just a few knots and little defects well plastered. 

CLASS II (former class B)

Surface of a natural white colour with sharp colour variations, small knots and slight cracks which get plastered.

CLASS III (former class BB)

Natural surface with healthy knots, cracks, fixes and plasters of any extent.


CLASS IV (former class C)

All wood and manufacturing defects are allowed, as long as the technical features of the panels are not compromised.  


Certifications and quality

Ask for products with FSC®; certification