Angelo Comaschi, already active on the national marketplace with a timber firm and a workshop for the production of wood drying machineries, established I.C.T.A. in 1958, with the help of his brothers Luigi and Francesco.

Thanks to their sons, Andrea Comaschi and Andrea Giuseppe Comaschi, the firm specialises into the production of plywood panels, which allows the company to conquer several niches of the national and international marketplace.

Over the years,I.C.T.A. progressively grows, and increases the quantity and kinds of products thanks to clever investments into state-of-the-art technologies and machinery, widening its focus onto a variety of different markets and industries.

Towards the end of Nineties, the third family generation commences its work within I.C.T.A.

At the moment, the I.C.T.A. establishment spreads over a 20.000 square metres area, and the continuous investments into high technology machinery allow an annual production of about 15.000 cubic metres of plywood  panels and 150.000 cubic metres of panels plated into fine wood essences.

I.C.T.A  has always prided itself on being one of the first few companies to invest in new technologies in order to rapidly improve and optimise the production process, still maintaining fairly small dimensions and great flexibility. The company's policy has never changed: we strive to guarantee the maximum quality and the best service to our Customers, thanks to a limited and supervised production, high customer service, and tailored products.

I.C.T.A. reaches these objectives with great flexibility in the production process, as well as the constant and strict supervision of raw materials, the competence and professionalism of all people involved and a careful safeguarding of the environment.


Certifications and quality

Ask for products with FSC®; certification